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Public Safety Personnel Retirement System
DROP Estimate
Estimates should not be relied upon until verification is obtained from your Local Board.
This estimator enables you to manipulate the DROP rates to see how it will effect a DROP payment.
If you want a more comprehensive DROP estimator or an estimated monthly benefit, please sign up on our Members Only  website.
Note: DROP is NOT available for members who were hired on/after 1/1/2012.  For questions about eligibility, please contact your Local Board.
  Estimated Monthly Benefit:  
  Estimated DROP Date:  
  Known Rates
Fiscal Year 7/1/2017 to 6/30/2018
20 yrs of credited service before 1-1-2012 7.40%
20 yrs of credited service on/after 1-1-2012 6.60%
  DROP Months Assumed Earnings Rate Estimated DROP Lump Sum
  0 0
  0 0
  0 0
  0 0
  0 0
  0 0
  0   0